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The Executive Branch

Mr. Carr

No description

party The ___________________ ________________ is a Cabinet member who enforces the laws of the US.
labor The president is the leader of his political __________ .
Thirty This is the legislative body of our state. Its 2 parts are the State Senate and the House of Delegates
expenses The secretary of state works on our agreements with other _______________.
chiefexecutive The president must have been a ________________ of the US for at least 14 years.
leader The judicial branches of both the nation and the state are called the ________________ ______________.
cabinet When he appoints cabinet members and judges, the president is doing his job as ________________ ______________.
budget The national Chief Executive is the __________________
president A presidential election occurs every ________ ______.
SupremeCourt The president must be a __________ _________ US citizen.
people Sometimes the president goes on TV so that he can appeal directly to the _______________.
fouryears In the next election, the candidate who gets the most votes from the _______________ College will be our president.
Symbol this is the president's mansion in Washington DC.
electoral Congress is the _____________________ branch of our national government.
countries As Economic Guardian, the president creates a __________ each year.
GeneralAssembly The president can serve a __________________ of two terms.
Secretary The secretary of __________ protects the interests of US workers.
governor The secretary of _________________ is in charge of the armed forces.
Legislative The Chief Executive of our state is called a ___________
helicopter Most Cabinet members hold the title of ______________.
appoint The president must be at least ________-five years old.
resident Presidents like to _______________ judges and officials who think like them.
articleII Along with his salary, the president gets extra money for ___________________ .
maximum The president gets to travel by luxury jet and ____________________.
attorneygeneral As Legislative ____________, the president can propose, sign, or veto legislation.
NativeBorn The executive branch is laid out in ________________ ___ of the US constitution.
defense As Head of State, the president is a ______________ of the US.
whitehouse The special group of people that gives the president advice.

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