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Government and the People

By: Megan Sebright

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Enumerated Powers Interprets the law
Reserved Powers A president can only serve two terms
Due Process Powers split among the Executive, Judicial and Legislative Branches
Judicial Branch Enforces the laws
Congressional Action Government not having complete control
Customs/Traditons Makes national laws that applies to all states
Equal Protection Makes the laws
Executive Order The person whom is next in line to be president
Presidential Succession Established legal procedures
Constitutional Convention Powers not directly in the Constitution
Executive Branch People whom owe loyalty to the government
Amending the Constitution Things that the US does that are not enforced
Flexibility Powers of the national government
Federalism The beginning of the Constitution
Term Limits Power of the Supreme Court to say when things are unconstitutional
Concurrent Powers Branches of government working together t make sure no one has too much power
Popular Sovereignty Given to every state about judicial proceedings, public acts and records
Suffrage The meeting of the states leading to the Constitution
Supremacy Clause Power given to the states
Limited Government How people interpret the laws in the government
Elastic Clause Power that lies wth the people not just the government
Separation of Powers To change, add or remove things from the Constitution
Citizenship Congress having the right to make all laws necessary and proper
Judicial Decisons and Review The right to vote
Implied Powers Power shared by the state and federal governments
Full Faith and Credit Clause A command that was the power of a law
Checks and Balances When power is divided between nation government and the states
Legislative Branch Keeps states from denying people their protection
Preamble The making of laws already and to be

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