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History Vocab Project

Amy Senia

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PopularSovereignty citizens basic rights and freedoms.
Faction the people represented by an elected official.
Judicialreview a government in which the people rule. They have the supreme power in the government.
Democracy a person chosen to actfor or represent others, as at a convention.
SeparationofPowers is a system in which power is shared between the central government and the states.
RepublicanGovernment the system of government in which power is held by the people and exercised indirectly through elected representatives.
HabeasCorpus Charging a public official with a crime in office for which they can be removed from power.
ChecksandBalances each branch has a specific job and power so that no single branch would have all the power.
Dictatorship the number of delegates in the House of Representation depends on the population.
ProportionalRepresentation a one house legislature.
DueProcessofLaw a court order directing that prisoner be brought to court and to show cause for his or her detention.
LimitedGovernment formal approval.
Ratification a two house legislature.
RepresentativeGovernment the power of the courts to declare laws and actiongs of the government invalid if they violate the Constitution.
Impeachment the right to vote.
UnicameralLegislature protection against arbitrary deprivationof life, liberty and property.
Amend the provision in the 5th Amendment to the US Constitution that one may not be tried for the same crime twice.
Delegate The distribution and balancing of power among different branches of government sothat no one branch is able to dominate the others.
Suffrage a form of governmentin which political control is excercised by all the people, either directly of through their elected representative.
DoubleJeopardy to change.
Federalism the constitutional power of the president to refuse to sign a bill passed by congress preventing it from becoming a law.
CivilRights a group that seeks to promote its own special interests at the expense of the common good.
Veto Citizens have the power to govern and they give power to leaders they elect to represent them and their interests.
Constituents a government controlled by one person or a single group.
BicameralLegislature every individual must obey the law.

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