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Supreme Court Cases

David Cech

all famous and major supreme court cases of the US.

fourth Mapp v. Ohio, violated the ________ ammendment.
McCulloch US v. Nixon, also known as the Watergate _________.
japanese NY Times v. US, involved the freedom of __________.
fourth Miranda v. Arizona, Ernest Miranda was accused of kid-napping and ________.
speech US v. Leon, police seized a large amount of _______ from Leons house
trash Swamn v. Charlotte Meeklenburg (year)
death Brown v. Board of Ed. allowed these people to go to school
poolroom California v. Acevedo, involved the ________ ammendment
african american Marbury v. __________
burning before Korematsu v. US these people were sent to camps because of Pearl Harbor
press Engel v. Vitale, argued that ________ in school should not be forced
rape Furman v. Georgia dealed with the ______ penalty
burglery Plessy v. Ferguson involved the ____th amendment and segregation
armed robbery Engel v. Vitale (year)
smoking Gidem v. Wainwright was arrested for breaking into a _______.
1971 Tinker v. DesMoines dealed with free ________.
Kuhlmeier Gregg v. Georgia, Gregg was involved in an
1986 California v. Greenwood, police search the _________ without a warrent.
african american Heart of Atlanta Motel v. US, allowed ________ to enter private places like hotels and restaurants
praying __________ v. Maryland
1932 NJ v. TLO, in this trial it started off by a girl ______ in school
Madison Regents of University of California v. Bakke, Bakke wanted to go to _______.
drugs Texas v. Johnson, said that flag ______ is free speach
college Bethel school district v. Frosier (year)
fourteenth Hazelwood v. ___________

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