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Technology Vocuabulary Review


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Land A resource which includes all the natural resources of the earth
Conservation Paying attention to long term threats to health and safety.
Prevention Resources used to make goods and provides services
supply How much of a given item is available at a given time.
Missing phrase1 - 35 National Film Board
Quality of working life Club that was looking at the environment to sustain growth at its present rate
Microprocessors Protect something or prevent it from being used
Market place Growth of all aspects of an economy that can be measured
Missing phrase1 - 30 Refers to those aspects of working conditions that contribute to job satisfaction
Missing phrase1 - 21 The best price that a good or service can command.
Missing phrase1 - 29 Value of goods and services produced within a country.
Missing phrase1 - 17 A resource which includes physical work
Market Economy .
Club of Rome A place where goods and services are offered for sale
Centrally Planned Economy Land, Labour, Capital
Missing phrase1 - 59 How much of a good or service people would like to have available.
Economists The electronic circuit or computer chip that follows instructions from a computer program.
Missing phrase1 - 26 Anything used to produce goods and services
Mixed Economy A company that owns or controls other companies
Missing phrase1 - 28 A system to manage the production and distribution of good and services
Missing phrase1 - 16 the people share common interests.
Missing phrase1 - 23 A gas which exists in the upper layers in the atmosphere
Missing phrase1 - 33 Someone who has an interest in a resolved will affect them
Opportunity Cost A business owned and operated by a larger company that has its head office in another location.
Missing phrase1 - 25 A person who studies the structures and processes of the economy
Missing phrase1 - 31 Goods such as machines, tools, factories, money
Missing phrase1 - 34 A plan to continue economic growth and development while conserving resources
Missing phrase1 - 24 Value of all goods and services produced by a country
Sustainable Development An economic plan developed by the federal government in the 1970's
Missing phrase1 - 15 A plan for meeting expected expenses
Missing phrase1 - 27 Chemicals used for industry in the 1930's
Missing phrase1 - 22 Both the government and individuals control the factors of production
Missing phrase1 - 20 Paying attention to the environmental realities, including long term effects
Missing phrase1 - 18 Insufficiency of amount or supply, shortage
Missing phrase1 - 32 an example of a federal crown corporation.
Inputs Where the individual controls the factors of production
Missing phrase1 - 19 Where the government controls the factors of production and makes major decisions

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