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Chapter Two Vocabulary

US Government

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2nd Continental Congress to refuse to buy
limited government a basic principle of US government in which the Constitution limits the actions of government
bicameral a basic law or written grant of authority from the King
Magna Carta principle of the Constitution in which people are the source of the governments power, voting is an example
ratification colony run by a governor and council appointed by the king
Anti-Federalist legislative body with one chamber
Federalist opposed to the ratification of the Constitution
unicameral colony run by individuals or groups to whom land was granted
representative government document written in 1628 that challenged the divine right of kings and that even a monarch was not above the law
popular sovereignty colony established by a group of settlers who had been given a formal document allowing them to settle
charter colony series of essays explaining and defending the Constitution
charter plan of government adopted by the states after the Revolutionary War that failed because it did not allow the central government enough power
Petition of Right document written in 1215 that limited the power of the monarchy and granted trial by jury and due process to the noble class
boycott body of fundamental laws that sets out the principles, structures and processes of a government
Federalist Papers laws and public policy are made by officials selected by voters and held accountable by periodic elections
royal colony legislative body composed of two chambers
constitution document written in1689 designed to prevent abuses by monarchs upon their subjects
proprietary colony delegates set out to govern the colonies by authorizing the printing of money, establishing a post office and creation of the Continental Army
Declaration of Independence supporter of the ratification of the Constitution
English Bill of Rights document issued on July 4, 1776 that informs the King that the colonies are free from the rule of the crown
Articles of Confederation formal approval

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