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vocabulary 2

Heather Amparano

history vocabulary

Rural Woodrow Wilsons 1912 campaign platform
Quarantine ensures all citizens of a basic standard life
Thomas Edison area which one ethnic or racial group dominates
Urban time of isolation to prevent the spead of disease
Municipal people concerned with the care and protection of natural resorces
Andrew Carnegie political and social reformer of the late 1800's and early 1900's
Ghetto relating to a city; example: as in _____ government.
John D. Rocafeller realating to city
Social Welfare Program created a new way of making steel
Subsidies pretaining to the countryside
Gilded Age agreement with homeowners not to sell real estate to certain groups of people
Henry Bessemer a government policy of not interfering in private business
Progressive rich off of a grain and mat partnership
Antisuffarage way the people feel about suffarage
New Freedom Program of greater federal regulation of business and workplaces, income and inheritance taxes
Alexander Graham Bell industrialist; made a fortune in the steel business
Conservationist a term used between 1877 to 1900 to describe this period
Restrictive Covenants payments mad by government to encourage development of some key industries
New Nationalism deveolped telephone and telegraph
Laissez Faire invented the light bulb

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