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Civics Pre Final Exam (ism's)


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Cold War people who were not ready to go to war and opposed the war
Reactionary the time period when soviet moves to extend communism and Americans countermove; a war of words and ideas between the democracies and communist nations of the world (time period from the end of 1945 to the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989); a struggle over political differences between nations carried on by methods short of war- a war in which 2 enemies did not actually fight each other, instead they build up military forces and arms to intimidate the other
Alliance lists of individuals whose loyalty was suspicious; they were used to barred people from working in Hollywoods film industry
atrocity a master race
Status Quo when value of money drops so low that you don't have enough money to buy anything
Blacklist to treat someone in a cruel or harsh manner because of their different race or religion
Fascism Usually made up of white, Christian mainstream males and females born in America; The ideas appeal more to the better educated, those with college degrees. The higher economic classes who want to "Keep the Status Quo"; Believe that traditional values of right and wrong should never change. These are like the values that made America a strong and moral country; Usually these people are opposed to any drastic changes made within society either socially or politically; As a group want to spend more tax money to modernize and strengthen our military ; Believe in less government regulations and interference with the daily lives of our citizens. "The government that governs least governs best" (small government) "Grow up" (self sufficient) ; Believe that a individual states and communities should set standards for "obscenity" in music, television, and movies; Belief (especially since 9/11) that the rights of the average citizen must come second to the security of the nation (pushed for the passage of the Patriot Act) ; Believe in keeping laws which regulate immigration tough! Immigrants puts a strain on the American economy by using tax dollars to settle immigrants and by taking low paying jobs away from americans; Believe in pressuring (economic, political or militarily) Dictatorial or communist regimes in the hope of overthrowing or weakening it enough until it grants its citizens some measure of freedom (Cuba, Granada, Somalia, Kuwait, Iraq); Believe all responsible adults (who receive firearm training and undergo background checks) have the constitutional right under the 2nd amendment to own handguns and other firearms opposed to gun control; NRA, National Rifle Association; Believe that US should only send money and troops overseas only to protect our business and security interests there; Believe that government should create educational and job programs to help poor and unemployed find jobs. Toughen rules on "Give away money" programs; Believe in tough punishments for convicted felons (especially repeat offenders) They support longer prison sentences and capital punishment. Prisons should be to punish and not to entertain (no weight rooms, x-rated videos, or gourmet foods)
Anti-Semitism the hunt for American traitors in art and entertainment
Bay of Pigs the Nazi attempt at solving the "Jewish Problem" by creating death camps to exterminate the Jews
Nazism Soviet attempt to force democracies out of Germany; Joseph Stalin's answer to the West's plans for West Germany to unite their zones and become a new West German Republic
Draft Dodger one whose property by court order is turned over to be managed for the benefit of the creditors
United Nations belief that certain races of people are by birth and nature superior to others; discrimination or hatred based on race
House Un-American Activities Commission law that supplied soldiers for the war
Radical the North Atlantic Treaty Organization; in April 1949 US, Canada and 10 other western European nations signed this pact
Bankruptcy when military is creating a perimeter to not let anyone in or out
Persecute a period of low general economic activity with widespread unemployment; a worldwide economic downturn starting in 1929
Capitalism a system based on extreme nationalism with the government controlling heavy industry, the military plays an important role in the country's affairs; Italy WWII, Iraq under Saddam
Reparations the means of production are in private hands, profit motive and competition are significant factors; the US
Racism people who were in favor of the war and in favor of the idea of containment and stopping communism
Inflation the boundary between North Vietnam and South Vietnam
Guerrilla Hitlers autobiography in which he outlines his plans for the genocide of the Jews and world conquest
Red Scare Usually made up of people who are members of a racial, religious, or ethnic minority group; The ideas appeal more to the less educated and lower economic classes, "The Common Man" image; Believe that traditional American family values should change along with the times and changing make up of population; Usually these are people who want to bring about significant social and political changes within our existing democratic political system; As a group want more tax money spent on people or social programs (welfare and food stamps) People Programs, entitlements; Believe in increased government regulations, more government involvement in the daily lives of its citizens will be beneficial to each person and the entire country (Big Government) "Mommy and Daddy"; Believe that the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution and the right to "free speech" should be without limitations and no government restrictions, "Freedom of expression"; ACLU, American Civil Liberties Union; Watchdog is a group of very liberal lawyers whose job it is to protect us against government attempts at restricting our 1st Amendment rights; Belief that the rights of the individual citizen are more important that the security of the nation as a whole ( fought against the passage of the Patriot Act); Believe in easing restrictions on immigration by the federal government the contributions of all people coming here make us a strong nation; Believe that it is their duty to try and work toward world peace by making an attempt at normalizing US relations with regimes that are dictatorial and oppressive (Cuba, Bosnia, North Korea); Believe that handguns and all firearms have no legal or legitimate purpose other than to kill. Want to ban the private ownership of all weapons. Want to repeal the second amendment; Believe in the idea of gun control; Believe that as the worlds most powerful democracy (Both militarily and economically) we have an obligation to help countries in need (Foreign Aid); Believe that the best way to help the nations poor is for the government to provide free health care, low cost housing and those unable to work; Believe that many criminals are really the victims and should be given a 2nd chance through rehabilitation programs in prisons. They are against "Capital Punishment". They don't believe that severe punishment will change criminal behavior because "There is good in all of us"
Moderate designed to stop the spread of communism in Europe; a commitment to help the nations threatened by communism
Economic System the effort to save the city of Berlin from starvation
Budget the extreme hatred of Jews and Jewish culture
NATO huge sums of money that the war losers are forced to pay the winner
Berlin Blockade a statement of estimated income and expenses; a plan for using the money
Truman Doctrine when you blame other people for causing your problems to make you feel better
Blockade it was part of the iron curtain, a long separation barrier between west berlin and east Germany
Draft in 1959 when Castro takes over he pretends to be democratic. Eisenhower and the CIA come up with plan to overthrow Castro. Secretly train Cuban exiles to make a Cuban Army to send and invade. They intended to give them American Air Support but Kennedy says not to and does not even tell them so they are all killed upon the Bahia de Cochinos
Mortgage major industries are controlled by the government, all other businesses are in private hands, people can vote political leaders out of office; England, Israel, and Scandinavia
Final Solution People who want to return to the way things were before change was made (Germany)
Communism the policy or process of preventing the expansion of a hostile power
Great Depression a world peace keeping organization
Cuban Missile Crisis a country's way of deciding how the people will use its resources and time; What will be produced and how it will be distributed
Conservative government sponsored systematic extermination of entire groups of people based on their race, religion, ethnic group, and sexual orientation
Mein Kampf this rebuilt Europe after WWII to bring back prosperity; a plan that provided economic aid to Europe
Marshall Plan a barrier that cut off eastern Europe from western Europe; it isolated the soviet controlled countries
Depression when North Korea invaded South Korea is what triggered the Korean War; the US and other nations provided South Korea with troops and supplies so they will not be overthrown; North Korea was being aided by the Soviets and the threat of a new war remains between the two Koreas
Aryan the period of suspicion in the US that was actively countering any communist party subversion in the US; mainly to prevent any overthrowing of the government at all; named after Senator Joseph McCarthy
Containment People who want great changes that destroy existing political systems and replace them with something new (Cuba, North Korea)
Warsaw Pact same as fascism, however, fanatical nationalism and violent racial hatred prevail, genocide and slaves; Germany during WWII under Hitler
Dove to overthrow or to sabotage a government
Berlin Wall to keep things the way they are
Liberal the border between North Korea and South Korea
Vietnam War the 10 people that worked in the Hollywood film industry that refused to talk about their political party
Berlin Airlift a union between nations for assistance and protection
Korean War a period of low general economic activity with widespread unemployment
Socialism the state of being savagely wicked, brutal, or cruel; very bad
Subversive an economic system in which the government owns and controls everything, an idealistic way of regulating society formed by Karl Marx and Frederich Engels; everyone works equally and shares equally; a classless society, main problem is of human nature; there is no incentive; true communism does not exist anywhere
17 Parallel a way of fighting like hit and run; hiding and then coming out all of a sudden and then running away; no rules
Genocide opposed NATO; the alliance headed/lead by the Soviet Union and all totalitarian communist countries of Eastern Europe
McCarthyism a transfer of rights to a piece of property (as a house) usually in return for a loan and that is canceled when the loan is paid
scapegoat the time period in history that saw the Nazi's practiced genocide
Hawk the time period when the Soviet Union was trying to bring in nuclear weapons and missles inside Cuba as a missile base just in case they decide to strike cities in the US. The US Navy found out and they were placed all around Cuba to stop and search every boat going in to Cuba and if they found anything to make the weapons, than they would be turned around
Holocaust they were controlled as a whole by the French until a peace treaty was formed and then North Vietnam was aided economically and militarily by Communist China and the Soviet Union; Ho Chi Minh was the leader; US helped South Vietnam with economic aid; Ho Chi Minh wanted total power of all of Vietnam so war started by the North invading the South; the US helped the South but were losing because of the Norths Guerrilla tactics; it was in best interest to stop communist growth in southeast Asia; the South lost and are still divided
Iron Curtain People who favor some changes, but no great ones. They want to avoid extreme measures of the LEFT and RIGHT
38 Parallel began investigating communist subversion in the nation in 1947
Hollywood 10 a deferment; being excused from military service or running away from it and leaving the country
Domino Theory all of Southeast Asia will become communist if the US allows Vietnam to fall

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