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Unit One Review Crossword

Mr. Sangillo

Complete the puzzle below. If your response has more than one word...leave a blank between words.

Unitary A king who abuses his power can be described as this.
direct This is an example of checks and balances, when the President does not sign a bill into law
rule of law Philosopher that said government should be limited by separating power into three branches
Articles This principle of governments says no one is above the law
popular sovereignty A change to the Constitution
Senate a fancy word for freedom
liberty The framers of the Constitution feared a central government with ALL the power, so they created this type of system in which power is shared between a strong central government and state governments
Federalism Principle of government; says the people have the highest authority in government
Separation of powers A society with no political authority; chaos
oligarchy ____________________ of Confederation; the paper that organized the U.S. government before the Constitution. It failed.
amendment Principle of government; says power should be divided between legislative, executive, and judicial
Anarchy The first ten amendments to the Constitution; protects individual rights
authoritarian The paper signed on July 4, 1776
Montesquieu Type of government in which the people elect politicians to make decisions for them
John Locke Principle of government; says the judicial branch has the power to interpret laws according to the Constitution; established by Marbury v. Madison
legislative The U.S. Congress is made up of two houses...The House of Representatives and the _________________.
executive This word describes a society in which the people have no say
Democracy Principle of government; says there are certain things the government cannot do
Representative democracy This is a type of authoritarian government in which a small group of people rule
Declaration of Independence Fancy word for representative democracy
Bill of Rights The Supreme Court is the head of this branch of government
Judicial Structure of government; states have MORE power than the central government
veto McCulloch v. Maryland was a landmark Supreme Court case which interpreted the _______________ clause, which says in all conflicts between the national and state governments, the national government has supreme authority
Confederacy This branch of government enforces laws
judicial review Power by the people
Republic Government structure in which the central government has ALL the power over state governments
Tyrant This branch of government makes laws
supremacy This is a type of democracy in which ALL citizens have the ability to make government decisions
limited government Philosopher that said people are born with natural rights

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