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Social Studies Vocab

Paul Fonseca

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Northwest Territory To be approved
Legislative When the presedent rejects a bill
Republicanism Is the idea that for a country to thrive it's citizens had to have certain vertues
Articles of confederation are the the new gov laws
Republic A type of government where voters choose representitive to make laws
Due process The first ten amendments of the constitution
Vetoes Limits power of the three branches of government
Separation of powers Is a branch of the gov. that makes laws
Convention Is when the gov. appointed three judges and one governer to rule the land
Federalists When both sides give a little to make peace
Executive Is the sharing of power between the centeral gov.
Founding Fathers Peopl who were not for a federal gov
Judicial Is the group of Delegates that people vote for to elect the presedent
Constitutional Convention A nick name for the delegates
Compromise Is a meeting of delegates
Ratified The right to fair treatment under the law
Northwest ordinance Is a meeting of delegates from all 12 states
Antifederalists Keeps one branch of gov from becoming too powerful
Cabinet Are laws that said that there would be a national government but each states gov would have more power
Ordinances To measure the boundarys of a piece of land
Federalism Is the branch of the gov. that enforces the laws
Bill of rights Additions to the constitution
Shea's rebellion Are the violant riots because of taxing of farmers
Surveyed Are people who for a federal gov
Amendments Is the branch of the gov that enterprates the laws and punshes the law breakers
Checks and balances The land owned by the gov that they had trouble deciding what to do with
Electoral college A formal group of advisors

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