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Bobby Dehghan

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commander in chief officer next in rank to president who serves as president in the presidents absence
ordinance power the refusal of the president to spend money that has been appropriated by Congress
chief legislator betrayal of ones country
President of the Senate the member of the US senate chosen to preside in absence of the president of the senate
Impoundment the presiding officer of the house of representatives
article II an official postponement of the execution of a sentence
bribery amendment that sets limits to a presidents time in office
Acting President to bring formal charges against a public official
impeach the constitutions executive article
executive order term for the president as the main architect of public policy
executive agreement chief executives power to reject a bill passed by congress
treason vice president acts as president temporarily
president por tempore release from punishment or legal consequences of a crime
vice president type of veto a chief executive may use after a legislator has adjourned
25th amendment the practice of offering something in order to gain an illicit advantage
clemency presidential advisory body
veto highest executive officer of a modern republic
Enforces the law a blanket pardon offered to a group of law violators
pocket veto The executive branch
pardon amendment that says vice president takes power when the president is unable to
amnesty a pact made by the president directly with the head of a foreign state
chief diplomat vice president
cabinet term for the president as the main architect of foreign policy
speaker of the house directive, rule, or regulation issued by a chief executive or subordinates
22nd amendment term for the president as a commander of the nations armed forces
president mercy of leniency granted to an offender by a chief executive
reprieve power of president to issue executive orders

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