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8th Grade ESL-Social Studies

Ms. Becht

This puzzle will test your knowledge of Social Studies vocabulary words. You must choose a word that best fits the clue. Use these words to complete the puzzle!

politics all the people in a place
tariff a land in its wild, natural state
great plains people who worked to get the right to vote for women
revenge the first people who settle an area and get it ready for others
reconstruction This amendment ended slavery in 1865
election the area on the edge of a settled region
territories things for sale
majority a group of lands or countries under one government
immigrants an 1850 law that made people return runaway slaves to their owners
fifteenth to take up more space
civil war the legal separation of people based on race
emancipation people who come to a new country to live
pioneers type of government where people get to vote on important things
foreign This amendment make all people born in the U.S. full citizens in 1868
crisis reformer who worked to end slavery
underground railroad business that involves making, shipping, and selling goods made in factories
population the idea that the U.S. had the right to own and settle land between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
imported a system that helped slaves escape
industry move goods or people by a vehicle
empire rights of citizens
emigrate a region in the middle of the United States
civil rights taxes put on imports to raise the price people pay for them
abolitionist a time of great difficulty
unconstitutional the use of new knowledge to make new machines
democratic group of workers who join together to make business owners change things
Manifest Destiny a voting process, how we choose a president
union series of steps that Congress took to bring the Southern states back into the country
technology shows events in chronological order
suffragists ways of doing things, traditions
thirteenth way of life
expand the act of hurting people because they hurt you
compromise This amendment protected the right to vote for all male citizens in 1870
bitterness the activities of government
frontier a change made to the Constitution
transport act of setting the slaves free
culture a deep, painful feeling of anger
goods to leave a country to live somewhere else
amendment against the constitution
customs a way of settling a disagreement by giving each side part of what they want
fugitive slave act war between parts of the same country
segregation from another country
fourteenth parts of the U.S. that are not states
timeline an amount greater than half
wilderness brought into the country for sale

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