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'80s Fashion

Crafting with Cat Hair

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bolotie Madonna wore these in her videos. They are similar to a crop top and usually in black lace or mesh.
sunglasses Use this to burn patterns into your hair.
capezios "Make a Statement without saying a Word" and it smelled really great too.
exclamationperfume Weave one of these for your BFF!
friendshipbracelet These shirts would change color if someone touched them.
coloredmascara Hot pink, yellow, orange, green and sometimes blue and purple.
bananaclip These accessories forced you to hit yourself in order for them to work.
slapbracelets No more browns and blacks for your eyelashes, this was used to add pizazz to your eyes.
crimpingiron Incredibly uncomfortable, but paired with ankle socks they were bearable. You could also wear them in the water.
parachutepants Leather dance shoes.
neon Worn two or three at a time this fashion item for your wrist looked best with a matching "guard".
slouchsocks Wear two of these intertwined or dozens up your arms.
jellyshoes Skinny leather rope connected with fancy clip made famous by Urban Cowboy and Duckie in Pretty in Pink.
rubberbracelets According to Corey Hart you should wear these at night.
hypercolor Pair these with your L.A. Gears and your feet looked totally awesome!
swatchwatch Worn primarily by breakdancers because of their slick texture.
Dep Using this hair gel helped you achieve the Flock of Seagulls look.
bellyshirts Named after a fruit this hair accessory was used to pull your hair back on each side and form a ponytail.
MembersOnlyJacket A staple of '80s outerwear, each of these had an elasticized waist, wrists and a zip-up front that had a couple of snaps at the neck.

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