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Sewing Terms


Test your sewing vocabulary! See if you can beat the puzzle!

SERGE Tapered interior tuck
BOBBIN Nylon Netting
BLINDSTITCH Roll of fabric
INTERFACING Fabric reinforcer
ALINE Adjust fit of garment
YARD Measurement left for seams
COWL Manipulation of two curved pieces
HAM Inner garment layer
KNIT Shorten pants
PINTUCK Decorative gathering
GRAIN Interpreter of design
BOLT Circular fabric cutter
HEM Stretchy fabric
ALTER Sewer's dummy
SELVAGE Draped neckline
LINING Enclosed seam
TENSION Dress shape
ALLOWANCE End of fabric
RAGLAN Seamless sleeves
DRAPER Invisible hem?
BUST Fiber direction
FRENCH Zipper type
INSEAM Fabric measurement
DART Cutting diagonally
TULLE Curved dress seam
EASE Inner pants measurement
BIAS Finishing stitch
RUCHING Exterior pleat
LAP Thread pressure
DRESSFORM Pressing pillow?
ROTARY Lower thread spool

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