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Ancient Rhetoric

Professor Allen

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Alexander __________ method, where a series of questions are asked to stimulate thinking
Pathos Birthplace of Plato
Relativism Greek for "wise"
Logos Early teachers of public speaking- for a price!
Academy For Ancient Greeks, the art of speaking or writing effectively
Sophists "You can't judge other cultures by the standards of your own" is an example
Cicero Greek rival of Athens
Allegory Wrote nothing, appeared in Plato's dialogues
Rhetoric _______ the Great. His death signaled the end of the period.
Socratic Provided the foundation for Western civilization
Sparta Moral competance, expertise, and knowledge of the speaker
Sofia Argument from reason
Socrates Plato's most famous student
Plato Famous for Five Canons of Rhetoric
Greece Name given to the first 'university' in the Western world
Ethos Greek for "wise"
Athens Meeting place for adult males to vote, litigate
Sophia An appeal to the audiences' emotions
Aristotle Socrate's most illustrious student
Assembly _______ of the cave- Where the chained prisoners dwell

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