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Grammar Terms

Edea Baldwin

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grammar Involves the correct, standard use of verbs, pronouns, etc.
adjective A word that describes or adds information to another word
concrete One word spoken apart, often followed by an exclamation mark
proper Includes punctuation, spelling, and capitalization
pronoun _______nouns are general persons, places, or things
conjunction A word that takes the place of a noun
runon Modifies verbs, adjectives and adverbs; tells how, when, where, to what extent
preposition _______nouns can be perceived through the 5 senses
abstract The structure of language
interjection Nominative, objective, or possessive; classifies pronoun forms
adverb Shows the relationship of a noun/pronoun to the sentence
common A group of related words without a subject and verb
modifier May contain a subject and verb, but doesn't express a complete thought
noun Shows action or a state of being
verb More than one sentence "jammed" together
phrase Modifies nouns and pronouns; tells which one, what kind, how many, etc.
usage Group of words that expresses a complete thought
mechanics _______nouns are made up of two or more nouns
case Connects words, phrases, and clauses
sentence _______nouns are things that can't be perceived through the 5 senses
compound _______nouns name specific persons, places, or things and are capitalized
fragment A person, place, thing, or idea

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