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The word "idiom" comes fromt he Greek root "idio", meaning a unique signature. Thus each language contains expressions that make no sense when translated literally into another language. This crossword allows you to stretch your mind with English idioms. Enjoy!

blindleadingtheblind a sports move that requires much skill
asthecrowflies something to be proud of
black what the dad told his favorite daughter she was
wearingmanyhats the shortest distance between two places
beeinyourbonnet having multiple roles in life
appleofmyeye to make a new start is to have this
adnauseam a point of vulnerability
noon school from which one graduated
actofgod boring or easy
featherinyourcap to be utterly sure of something
falloffthewagon how many in a baker's dozen
red twelve A.M.
atthedropofahat where one keeps a secret
underyourhat makes one angry
thirteen to go on endlessly about something
blacksheep furious
cleanslate instantly
hattrick twelve P.M.
eatyourhat this is beyond human control
madasahatter this color signifies profit
green this color signifies jealousy
achillesheel this happens when the teacher doesn't know the subject
midnight the disgrace of the family is called this
aceinthehole to relapse after being sober is to do this
oldhat hidden advantage kept in reserve
almamater this color signifies debt

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