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Level-EasyKnow your Signals

theft seventy seven (2 wds)
criminal mischief one (2 wds)
curfew violation twenty eight (2 wds)
meet ambulance seventy three
runaway twenty nine (2 wds)
open structure eighteen (3 wds)
interpret twenty two
fire call forty two (2 wds)
call for police sixty four
no permit for alarm fifty three (2 wds)
commercial burglary twenty three
sexual assault twenty five (2 wds)
minor accident nine (4 wds)
deceased eleven
fight twenty seven (2 wds)
shots fired forty nine
loose livestock thirty four
assist sixty four (3 wds)
domestic phone harassment forty seven
burglary sixty one
hit and run fifty four (2 wds)
hotrodders fifty one
disturbance thirty seven
abandoned property thirteen
eat two (2 wds)
shooting seven (2 wds)
meet agency thirty six
hang up call forty four
suicide attempt eighty five (2 wds)
demented fifteen (2 wds)
coffee break eight (2 wds)
prowler twenty six (2 wds)
stolen vehicle seventy nine (3 wds)
commercial holdup eighty (2 wds)
suspicious person five (2 wds)
escort seventy two
residential burglary sixty eight (2 wds)
injured person sixteen (2 wds)
animal call eighty four (2 wds)
domestic disturbance fifty five
abandoned vehicle forty six
other forty one (2 wds)
investigation three (3 wds)
home invasion forty three (2 wds)
major accident sixty (2 wds)
meet complainant fifty nine
robbery fifty two (2 wds)
surveillance twelve
assault forty five
residential panic four
headquarters eighty one
kidnapping eighty six
dwi fourteen
parking violation nineteen
garage forty
hospital call thirty (2 wds)
court ten
cancel seventy four (2 wds)
cutting fifty six (2 wds)
intoxicated thirty eight (2 wds)

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