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Typography — Attributes of Letterforms

Erich Shelton

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leg small stroke sometimes found on the right side of the base of the capital G
beak 1/72 of an inch
bowl negative spaces inside and around letterforms
crotch no serif
shoulder an endpoint of a stroke
link pointed counter where 2 strokes meet
cap height portion of a lowercase letter which extends above the x-height
sans horizontal line where the letters rest
hairline half-serif on a straight stroke
baseline often same as x-height
descender line shows how tall to make the lowercase letters
crossbar transitional area of a stroke that goes from curved to straight
stem a serif that is shorter on one end on a curved stroke
apex secondary stroke, extending horizontally or upward from a stem stroke; ends freely
ear small counter of a lowercase e
eye curved stroke that encloses a counter
counterforms area where space is contained or enclosed
spine secondary stroke that intersects a stem stroke
descender marks the proper length for the lowercase g, amongst others
arm point at which 2 downward slanting strokes meet
counter upright, non-italic typface with serifs
waistline square unit equal in height and in width to the point size
ascender portion of a lowercase letter that falls below the baseline
stroke weight marks the proper height for the tall lowercase letters
vertex secondary stroke extends downward and ends freely
point half the width of an em
contrast small stroke at the base of a capital Q
x height a character's main vertical, diagonal, or curved stroke
set width small stroke that sometimes extends from the top of a lowercase g
cross stroke thickness of the individual strokes
ascender line small connecting stroke between the loop and the upper bowl of a lowercase g
terminal the point at which 2 upward slanting strokes meet
spur marks the height of the capital letters
tail secondary stroke often thinner than the stem
roman serif with a curved wedge
em curved main stroke of a letter s
en angle to which the main strokes of a typeface aim, in relation to their baseline
leading width of a character
pica rectangular metal piece of type
barb 1/6 of an inch
stress space between two consecutive measures of type
swash decorative extended stroke, often found on script letterforms
sort horizontal secondary stroke connecting two main strokes
bracketed variation between thick and thin strokes

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