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Typography - A Family Affair

Erich Shelton

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egyptian sans-serif typeface based on shapes like circles, rectangles and triangles
display printed characters
nine this sans-serif typeface has a double story a, an open-tailed g and G usually has a spur
typeface starteed a foundry in England in 1720; created Old Style typefaces
family sometimes called "Old English"
humanist Blackletter type family was designed to emulate _____ medieval scripts
font the new lowercase e has a horizontal crossbar
blackletter type family mass produced in Industrial Revolution
caslon organic sans-serif typeface inspired by Jenson
transitional collection of letterforms designed to go together
geometric font designed for a low-resolution computer screen
type display type in Victorian advertisements in 19th century
gothic number of type families
modern all of the characters of a typeface
type style category that type is classified into, based on historical origin
script sometimes called "Didone"
old style a modified version of a typeface
grotesque Roman du Roi was the first
humanist designed to look hand-rendered
pixel type family sometimes called "Venetian" or "Whiteletter"

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