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Nonverbal Communication Terms

Mrs. Graham

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eye contact Movement or gesture that controls the flow of a conversation
nonverbalcommunication The study of bodily movements as a means of communication
chronemics Movement or gesture one uses in times of stress
silence May accent, contradict, or substitute for communication using words
olfactics May be used to signal a lack of interest, maintain privacy, or avoid unpleasant stimuli
illustrator The way in which space is defined and protected
eye avoidance Movement or gesture that carries an exact meaning without being verbalized
kinesics The way one's manner of speaking communicates attitudes or other shades of meaning
emblem The study of the way in which time is organized, reacted to, and used to communicate
territoriality Movement or gesture that adds to or clarifies verbal meaning
paralanguage The study of spatial distances between individuals and the subtle messages they convey
proxemics May be used to allow the speaker time to think, as a weapon to hurt the receiver, or to prevent communication
adaptor The study of smell and its impact on communication
regulator May be used to open the channel of communication, send feedback, or signal the nature of the relationship

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