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bios counter controlled loop
realtime function to set width
syntax a function that is used to calculate a to the power of b.
documentation second generation main component
pow software which acts as resource manager
multiprogramming the no. of times a loop body is executed even if the condition is false in a do-while loop
main the symbol used for ending any statement
equality temporary memory locations
conio used to contain decimal numbers
debugging a method of checking for errors without actually running it
flowchart a combination of digital and analog systems
iostream # symbol in c
for == operator
spooling the technique of removing errors in a program
exit errors that occur when the rules of a language are not followed
ternary the reserved word used for adding a header file
ram the os used in ATM machines
break manual to any software
os a graphical representation of flow of process in a program
bugs errors in a program
float driver function of a program
buffer if- else operators
keywords statement used to skip one step iterative loop
modular reserved words of c
logical read only memory
microsoft an os that can effectively work simultaneously on many programs
transistors a technique used to use peripheral devices at the same time
once the header file that deals with input and output streams
preprocessordirective used to come out of a program
setw the top down programming methodology
include the company which made the first disk operatable os
runtime entry control loop
continue unconditional jump statement
hybrid the instructions that are executed when a computer starts up
rom the header for clrscr()
terminator = operator
while volatile memory
dryrun the process of starting up of a computer
int integer type of data
goto the || operator
booting errors that occur during the execution of the program
assignment used to come out of a loop / choice

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