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Database Vocabulary Spring 2009

Computer Applications I

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and appears once at the beginning of a report and usually contains items such as the company name, address, and logo
time data type of data that may be calculated, sorted, or filtered
tables a data type used for lengthy entries that allows combinations of text and numbers
subform used in queries and filters
reportfooter field property used to format numbers for one or more decimal points
database a template-like field property that regulates how data is entered in a cell
currency appears on every page and usually contains page numbers
record a data type in toggle format that allows a user to select a yes or no value in a database cell
pageheader used to organize, summarize, and print some or all of the data from one or more database tables or queries
descriptivetext a database object that is used to create a user-friendly format for data entry and retrieval
conditionaloperators used to automatically assign a number to each record and to assist in preventing duplication of data. (Often used with/as a primary key)
date text boxes for displaying numbers, names, or labels
primarykey AND and OR
memo data type used to arrange and sort data chronologically
field a single piece of data in a database table
detailsection a data type used to define preset values for database entries. b. This feature increases productivity and accuracy by reducing the amount of data entry required
lookupwizard a field property used for column naming that allows a more user-friendly and properly formatted field name than that stored in the database design
caption a tool used to organize, store, retrieve, and communicate groups of related information
autonumber the building blocks of all databases. They are used to group and organize the information within a database. an arrangement of columns and rows
inputmask used to format each record in a database as a unique identifier
yes/no allow the data to be manipulated
report can be added to a form for the purpose of identifying fields and forms or adding captions or prompts
reportheader forms within and related to a main form through a common field
form increases the number of records because one or the other condition must be met
decimalplaces complete description of all of the fields related to one item in a table. another level of organization in database tables
or contains the report details or content information
reportcontrols a grouping or category of similar information contained in a table. unique identifiers for categories of information
number appears once at the end of a report
entry data type used to arrange and sort data chronologically
comparisonoperators data type used to format numbers as decimal values with a dollar sign
query reduces the number of records because both conditions must be met
formcontrols appears at the top of every page and usually contains field names
pagefooter a database object created by placing filters and selecting multiple criteria (comparison operators) to extract information from one or more tables

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