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Heavy Truck

Steve Wright

Fundamentals of Electronics

base A square wave of fixed frequency but variable duty cycle.
diode Allows current to flow only in one direction untill voltage reaches a specific point. then voltage and current can flow in a reverse direction.
semiconductor Diodes that turn on or off when subjected to light.
transistors Made of exactly 4 electrons in it's outer ring
duty cycle Acts like a relay but has no moving parts.
zener diode A variable resistor that reacts to temperature.
power rectifier diode A diode that produces light when forward biased.
photo diode Used in an Voltage generator to convert A/C into D/C.
doping Number of pulses per second.
analog The control part of the transistor.
thermistors Voltage operates on a variable voltage value.
light emitting diode The point wherea P
pulse width modulation Small amounts of impurities added to a semiconductor.
PN junction A one way check valve for electricity
emitter The part of the transistor that has an arrow on it.

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