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Internet Terminology

Find the words to the definitions.

Netiquette A simple communications tool that converts computer signals into signals that can travel over telephone lines
Incompatibility The science that compares the functions of the brain with the functions of a computer
ISP Any computer attached directly to the Net and providing services to Internet users; also called servers
User-friendly A revolutinary Internet navigation system that allows for point-and -click "browsing" or "mining" of the Internet.
Domains A term given to any computer that is connected to the Internet and has the software it needs to share information over the Internet
Directory smileys and other character art used to express feelings in email communication---such as :-)
Transfer rate An email address that automatically returns information requested by the user.
Infobot A highlated word or graphic in a Web document that, when clicked upon, takes the user to a related piece of information on the Internet
Database Software that allows computer users to access and navigate the contents of the Internet.
FAQ commonly asked questions on hundreds of Internet-related topics that the Net answers
Client A company that, for a fee, allows computer users to dial in via modem to access its information and services, which now includes includes indirect access to the Internet. Examples are America Online and Prodigy.
Internet The speed at which data is exchanged between computers
Modem to send a file to another computer
Hypertext A computer holding large amounts of information that can be searched by an Internet user
Email The First Web Page a user sees when visiting a World Wide Web site.
Web Browser to transfer (retrieve) a file from another computer to the user's computer
Emoticons Any organization that provides access to the Internet.
upload A written agreement signed by teachers, students, and parents outling terms and conditions of Internet use
URL When software from a client computer does not communicate with the software on an Internet host
Gopher Explore the Internet
Links A computer connected to the Internet an containing information that can be accessed using an Internet navigation tool
Host The global computer network that connects more than four million computers in 160 countries.
Download The address and method used to locate a specific resource on the Internet
Commercial online service The rules of conduct for Internet users
World Wide Web A menu-based system for browsing text information on the Internet.
Bookmark key words that jump automatically to another selection of text; usually appear in color.
AUP A number sequence that identifies a unique user or computer on a network.
Home Page Easy-to-Use software
Surf A means of collecting favorite Home Pages and addresses in Netscape
Cybernetics A division or section of the Internet; ex. military, education, private organizations
Internet site A storage location, like a file folder, where related data and files are stored.
Address Short for electonic mail

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