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Pro Audio, Guitar, Computer and Synth Geek

Alex T

Useful and Useless knowledge of Audio, MIDI, Synthesis and more.

starwars nickname of sample playback computer
voiceofthetheatre prodigy did an album with this software
mirage what the letter O in OMS originally stood for
reason the C in CEM
lespaul the apple 1 computer case was made of what
midireceived what doesthe domain .tv stand for
akai moog liberator and yamaha kx-5 is this thing
stanleychurch the P in ARP
three voltage divided by current equals what
twentyfour MIDI cc 11
society what is the main sync box in a post production facility
five what non macintosh platform did sound tools run on
undefined second software synth that digidesign released
drumulator MIDI cc zero
nineteenfortyseven leon invented this in 1920
unitygain first hardware device digidesign released roms for
channelten name of sound source in a commodore 64
wood first software digidesign released
fairlight roger linns first drum machine
twincombo sound that OMS made when testing MIDI
expression number of pins in a midi cable
hotbutter who is rumored to have said that 640k ought to be enough for anybody
twelve the second E in IEEE
naval name of first synth with MIDI
theremin default channel for rhythm in GM set
polyphony first solid body guitars were made by
motion current multiplied times voltage equals what
rickenbacker pre-midi digital interface found on Roland Juno 60
prophetsixhundred first sampler released by ensoniq
breakout what optical format uses 24 bit 96Khz 7.1 channels
siemens cc volume number
normung first polyphonic digital sampling synthesizer
madi what is the max bit depth for dvd movies
keytar computer that steve jobs got his idea for macintosh desktop
bankselect what company produced a 12 track recorder
blackburstgenerator the T in TR-808
billgates describes how many notes it can sound at one time
electrical the S in AES
tuvalu star trek or star wars?
dcb first fender amp introduced in 1952
blueray number of keys in piano octave
pearlman a ton of audio channels on a single aes cable
sounddesigner earliest electric guitars were made by
turbosynth mgm engineer that made his own version of neumann mics
atari the N in DIN
resistance a gain setting of one
curtis the P in SPDIF
seven number of pins used in a midi cable
lmone name of computer company named after a fruit
sidchip MIDI cc number 123
alphajunotwo speakers altec lansing were famous for
power name of synth responsible for the hoover sound
allnotesoff unit of electrical conductance in the International System, equal to one ampere per volt.
xeroxalto MIDI cc numbers 22 to 31 are .....
philips in what year was the first multitrack recording
apple steve jobs programmed this game for the atari
rompler popcorn was recorded by this group
transistor the N in bnc
opcode the M in SMPTE
maryhadalittlelamb first recording of a human voice

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