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5th Grade Computer Technology

Mr. Gwyn

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bit the parts of a computer system you can touch
byte an electronic machine that stores and processes data
hyperlink a website address
url a large storage device usually built into a computer
email a way of sending messages from one computer to another
font another name for information
software a counting system that only uses two digits
computer the programs or instructions that tell a computer what to do
binary a small picture or symbol that stands for a file, folder or program
hard drive a single binary digit, a 1 or 0
homerow millions of computers around the world connected to each other
isp these keys are ASDF JKL;
internet about 1 billion bytes
hardware the main chip on a computer system
icon highlighted words or pictures on a website that will take you to another site
gigabyte AOL is an example of one of these
virus 8 bits of data
browser a certain style of lettering
megabyte about 1 million bytes
data a software program that you use to explore the web
cpu a computer program written to purposely damage computer systems

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