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Biology Madness

Michele Jones

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Whorled Digested matter from raptors is called?
Eukaryotic Regurgitated matter from raptors are called ___________.
Gymnosperms This raptor is a scavenger who can ingest anthrax contaminated dead and not spread the disease do to negating properties in the digestive track.
Oak Living fossil species name.
Talons ______ groves.
Asymmetrical This fungus has a symbiotic relationship with plant roots and
Hardwood This part of a fern would be perfect for Valentines Day
Haploid How do fungus reproduce.
Maple Type of forest Oregon has.
Vascular This tree has the same name as the bark beetle that infests it.
Mychorrizae Which occurs first in tree growth summerwood or springwood?
Horsetail A life form that gets nutrients from air but is symbiotic to trees.
Ear tuffs Fungus carried on the wind or by insects that infect trees is known as___________ ______________.
Douglas Fir This type of root grows at a focal point.
Spores Raptors acquire food with their _________.
Embryos In reproduction this name is used for full chromosomes present.
Lichen Fungus on tree's aids in absorption of water, minerals and?
Tree Rings On MOST owls these are a means of camouflage and communication.
Sperm This plant can be used to aid in dishwashing at camp.
Nitrogen Fungus are what type of organism?
Fibrous Angiosperm trees are known as what type of trees?
Temperate Name of a hawk with the longest migration, is the _________ hawk.
Angiosperms Fire leaves signs of occurring through scaring seen in?
M.A.D Owls have ___________ ears.
Mute Beetles leave this tale tale sign on ground around trees.
Diploid The center of a tree is called?
Pellets Male's of the species have?
Pith 3 names of deciduous tree's make up this acronym.
Vulture Native people used this type of tree, it has bug resistance and smells good.
BlueStreek Moss has no ____________ tissue.
Gametophyte In the acronym M.A.D the M stands for what tree?
Springwood In reproduction this name is used for half the chromosomes present.
Swanson Gymnosperms are known as what type of trees?
Parallel Raptors are known as __________ carnivores.
Frass This class reproduce by way of seeds.
Softwood Leaves that grow in clustered groups in 4 or more from a single point on a stem are called?
Obigate This division can reproduce by fruiting body.
Cedar Type of root that fans out.
Taproot Females have _________.
Ginkgophyta Leaves that grown in conjunction with the stem of a plant are____________.

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