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Hort 54B Construction Final Exam Puzzle

Generated by Susan Fitzgerald

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catchbasin A railroad tie or timber laid across a slope to control erosion.
popupemitter HP means ______ _______ as read from a landscape drawing.
soil Shallow ditch designed to carry water through and away from a site is a drainage _______.
invert The removal of soil from a site due to the action of water and wind.
frenchdrain You should never use this as a swale.
terrace Known as the 360 rule, if you have 360 degrees worth of bends in your drain pipe system, you should have at least one _______.
revision Don't use drainage components made of this material as they can become brittle with age.
highpoint Addition of new hardscape or structures may ________ the amount of water exiting a site.
slowrunoff In inches, these are the two most common sizes of rigid PVC drain pipe.
walkway One of the two primary types of construction specifications.
threeandfour A cage-like component extending above ground level, allowing for leaf material to be screened out while letting water flow through to drain below.
retain A water capture element having a sump in the bottom of the inlet to collect debris and sediment that fall into the inlet.
corrugated This is the best method of attaching drain pipes together whereby the bell-end of a pipe should face uphill when connected to another pipe.
cleanout One of the three most critical considerations in landscape construction.
baffle A process whereby mulching components are mixed and sprayed on the surface of site.
wye Mulching controls erosion by reducing the _______ of water droplets on the soil.
controlblanket This is used around perf pipe drainage systems to keep silt from clogging holes of pipe.
water This style of drain pipe needs to be installed at a 5-10% slope.
channeldrain The lowest level of a pipe, at a specific point along its run, is known as the pipe _______ elevation.
slope Long, flexible netting-covered roll usually stuffed with straw, used in erosion control on slopes.
holes A series of low walls built across a slope to control erosion. The walls can consist of timbers, wood, masonry, or stone.
technical Comprised of a layer of biodegradeable materials sandwiched between two layers of lightweight netting. Known as an erosion ________ _______. Helpful on a slope to prevent seeds from being washed away.
planimeter Straw, woodchips, and shredded wood are common ________ materials used to control erosion.
drysump One of the three most critical considerations in landscape construction.
riprap According to Dan, you should put a catch basin under each ________.
impact Large stone used to line drainage swales. Reduces erosion by slowing water flow.
rill Subsurface gravel trench designed to draw excess water off the surface and store it until it percolates into surrounding soil.
one FG signifies ______ ______ on a landscape construction plan.
erosion Small valley or rut in soil resulting from erosion.
areadrain According to Dan, this is the minimum percentage you should slope your drain pipe.(Some books say 0.2 %)
increase What do terraces, baffles, and riprap do?
downspout In perforated drain pipe, what should always face down?
atriumgrate A sticky substance used in erosion control applications.
tackifier Item used to catch water in an area that is gradually sloped in one direction or plane. Connects to sewer and drain pipe fittings. Good for hardscape perimeters.
mulch A newer type of hydromulch providing a papier-mache-like coating.
finishedgrade A tool used to measure an area of random shapes on architectural or engineering drawings.
swale Also known as drop inlet. This is a simple drain type, where water enters directly through a grate and into the drain-pipe system, without a spot for sediment collection.
styrene Drain fitting sometimes used as a cleanout.
notincontract One of the three most critical considerations in landscape construction.
hydromulching A pit of gravel into which drainage water is directed.
tiling On landscape drawings, a small triangular symbol inscribed with a number denotes a _______.
bondedfibermulch In construction documents, NIC stands for ________ _______ ________.
wattle Is it best to RETAIN water or GET RID of it all into the storm drains?
filterfabric Allows water to be diverted and released away from where it's captured. Hydrostatic pressure opens spring-loaded lid of this item.

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