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Deep Marine Ecology Vocabulary

Alex Asay

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anglerfish The scientific term for the Abyssal Zone.
luciferin An excess chemical created in the process of bioluminescence.
hades The life-giving "suns" of the deep sea.
bioluminescence The skin of the giant tube worm.
pressure The other chemical used in the process of bioluminescence.
abyssalpelogic The Greek god affiliated with Hadal Zones.
geothermalvents The primary consumers of the deep.
chitin The deepest trench on Earth.
oxyluciferin The "producers" of deep marine food pyramids.
marianastrench A cephalopod that can transform into a spiky ball.
death A creature's ability to use artificial light.
luciferase The scientific term for the Hadal Zones.
spermwhale The reason why humans cannot explore the deep seas.
vampiresquid The best defense mechanism for most deep sea creatures.
photophore A good example of a user of bioluminescence.
chemosyntheticbacteria A giant squid's favorite meal.
hadalpelogic The mythological Kraken is one of these.
gianttubeworms One chemical used in the process of bioluminescence.
camouflage The term commonly used to describe the deepest hadal zones.
giantsquid A small organ that can produce light (found on vampire squid).

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