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Use the clues below to help you complete the crossword puzzle. You may use your Scavenger Hunt from yesterday as well as the Diamonds book from class.

luster country that produces the most diamonds
diamond when diamondsare found in oceans, rivers and streams
luck Earth's rocky outer layer
washington dc the smallest part of matter
kimberlite pipe what minerals are made up of
properties a power people believed diamonds gave them
secondary deposits one of the most famous diamonds in the world
mantle layer of the Earth where diamonds form
elements bend
unconquerable the most common color for a diamond
crust traits
atom hardest material known to man
refract pipes filled with moltem rock that carry diamonds
a diamond is forever where people find most diamonds
primary deposits the meaning for the word "diamond"
fancies a slogan used by a jewelry store to persuade men to buy diamonds
australia wash away, wear away
erode where the Hope Diamond is presently located
the hope diamond name of colored diamonds
white sparkle and shine

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