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9th grade review of plates, volcanoes, eathquakes, minerals and rocks

BIOTITE dark colored mica
SUBDUCTION foliated, looks like banded granite
BASALT when one plate is converges and dives under the other
COMPOSITE type of igneous rock that cools fast above ground , notallowing larger crystals to form
GABBRO clear mineral; fizzes when HCl applied; you see double
SHALE tall gently sloped volcanoe; lava very fluid; non-explosive
CONVECTION mechanism responsible for plate movement and earth magnetic field
CONGLOMERATE fastest type of earthquake wave; travels through all materials
EXTRUSIVE lead sulfide mineral; blocky cleavage; metallic luster
LONGITUDINAL sedimentary, clastic, has pebbles
CALCITE olive green mineral containing a lot of iron and magnesium
SLATE only half as fast as P waves; can't go through liquids or gases
TRANSFORM igneous rock; extrusive; cooled so quickly that there are no grains
SILICATE dark gray , igneous rock, fine grained; makes up most of oceanic crust
FELDSPAR location of the surface directly above the earthquake source
GALENA igneous rock; salt and peppery; light colored; intrusive
CINDER CONE steep, tall, explosive type of volcano made of different layers of ash, lava, cinders, mud
RIDGE deep depression in subduction zone
GRANITE when shale undergoes metamorphism it converts to this
RHYOLITE most common general category of mineral in crust; made of silicon and oxygen atoms with tetrahedral units
SHIELD clastic sedimentary; clay
EPICENTER formed at the spreading center
GNEISS "field mineral"; most common specific mineral in continental crust
SHEAR igneous rock; extrusive; fine grained; light-colored
TRENCH igneous rock; greenish black; dark colored; intrusive
OLIVINE lavea explodes into the air, rains down small cooled fragements that pile up
OBSIDIAN parallel sliding plate boundary

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