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CUMULUS the feature of weather maps that shows the weather maps that shows the weather conitions in a particlar
CIRRUS it moves from the east to the west
AIR MASS an instrument used to measure air pressure
ISOTHERMS the boundaries of fronts
JET STREAM layers of clouds that are spread out
VACUUM a large body of air
ALTOCUMULUS CLOUDS water vapor that is close to the earths suface
NIMBUS small lumps of ice falling from sky
SLEET a front formed when a mass of air warm air replaces cold air
HIGH AND LOWS The temperature at which candensation starts to take play.
AIR PRESSURE water vapor in the air can hold giving temperature
COLD FRONT frozen rain
WARM FRONT layers of grayish clouds found 2.000to 7.000meters a bove
STRATOCUMULUS CLOUDS a combination of smoke and fog
STATION MODEL Thunder and lightning are produce by?
DEW POINT empty space;a region containing no matter
ISOBARS lines on a weather map
GROUND FOG something like science people
STATIONARY FRONTS lines on a weather map that connect place that have the same temp.
THUNDERSTORM a measure of the weight of the air on a specific area
HAIL STONES a large tropical storm with winds up greater than 112km pre hour
RELATIVE HUMIDITY a dark,funnel-shaped cloud
SMOG a cloud from which rain falls
CUMULONIMBUS CLOUDS a large, rouned,low cloudhaving a soft appearance
BAROMETER a large single "puffy" marshmallow cloud
STRATUS large thick cloud
ALTOSTRATUS CLOUDS high, thin wispy clouds,frequently having curled edges
TORNADO high, white puffy mashmallow cloud with a rounded appearance
TROPICAL STORMS a center of weather systems
FOG a front formed when a mass of air moves into mass of warm air
METEOROLOGIST a small lump of hail
HAIL particles of condensed water vapor suspended inthe air
HURRICANE stormes formed over the warm ocean weathers near the equator

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