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Chris Seto

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seismic This acts like both a solid and a liquid.
aftershock This mesures vibrations.
travel time The intensity of an earth quake.
mantle The time it takes for a wave train to hit you from its starting point.
hypocenter Just before the earthquake striks you might get this.
magnitude If an earthquake is this than it is far from you.
seismograph This is a kind of scale.
Richter This is related to tremors.
teleseism This is where you think the focus is.
crust This is a giant crack in the earths surface.
focus This is the top layer of the Earth.
tremor This is directly above the focus of an earthquake.
Benioff Zone This is a dipping zone containing earthquake hypocentres lying along the top of a subducting plate.
epicenter Related to epicenter.
fault This is a small ground movment.
foreshock What happens after a big earthquake.

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