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Quake Puzzle

Kristin Hotaling

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elastic rebound The study of Earthquakes
inner core A smaller Earthquake that follows the main earthquake
secondary wave the boundary seperating the crust and the mantle
Aftershock a more precise measure of the earthquake magnetude than the Richter scale
body wave A break in a rock mass along which movement has occured
mesoshere A subdivsion of the mantle situated below the lithosphere. This zone is dpths of 100km-700km
Focus The thin ourtermost layer of Earth
Earthquake displacement along a fault located on the ocean floor
liquefaction records taken from a seismograph
seismogram small Earthquake the often precede a major Earthquake
moment agnitude a 12 point scale developed to evaluate earthquake intensity
core A measure of the degree of earthquake shaking,based on the amount of damage
shadow zone stable soil turns into a fluid that can not support building stuctures
epicenter seismic waves that travel along earths outer layer
outer core The sudden release of stored strain in rocks that results in movement along a fault
modified mercalli intensity scale another name for the mesosphere
seismology A seismic wave that travels through Earth's interior
Crust Located beneath the mantle, Earth's innermost layer
intensity The location on Earth's surface that that lies directly above the focus of an earthquake
Asthenosphere The ridgid outer layer of Earth, including the crust and upper mantle
mantle Vibration of Earth produced by the rapid release of energy
foreshock A layer beneath the mantle about 2270km thick,and has the properties of a liquid
surface wave slower moving surface wave
seismic sea wave scale based on the motion of a seismograph
fault The zone within the Earth where rock displacement produces ans earthquake
Mohorovicic discontinuty a belt where p waves are absent
magnetude The solid, innermost layer of earth
lower mantle thick layer of Earth located below the crust
primary wave the total amount of energy released during an earthquake
seismograph Slow, gradual displacement along a fault that occurs relatively smoothly
fault creep the part of the mantle that extends from the core mantle boundary to a depth of 660km
Richter scale instuments that record earthquake waves
lithosphere the fastest earthquake wave

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