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Mahtab Tahir

No description

producer takes energy from dead or living things
ecology an animal that is hunted and killed by another animal for food
competition living factor
parasite nonliving, sterile
ecosystem variety oflife in an ecosystem
biodiversity organisms competing for food and reproduction
scavenger an animal that feeds on flesh
abiotic an animal that kills another organism for food
habitat the place where a species lives
autotroph all members of a species inhabting a given location
biotic a plant-eating animal
population a system containing a living community and its nonliving enviornment
carnivore populations of different species in a given area, interacting with each other
community an organism that feeds on dead organic matter
herbivore an organism that feeds upon the dead bodies of animals
consumer the study of living things and their environments
predator an organism that uses the sun's energy to make its own food
heterotroph an oranism that consumes other organisms
prey an organinsm that makes its own food
decomposer an organism that lives on or in a host from which it takes its food

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