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Energy and Hazards


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Toxic when the LD50 is 50-500 ppm
Bioaccumulation liquid hydrocarbons
Teratogen hazard from a flood or hurricane
heat largest producer of tar sand
Influenza largest consumer of fossil fuels
Uranium pumping heat generated by the sun
Wind world's worst nuclear accident
Netenergy least efficient device we use (waste 95%)
Ethanol cheapest total costing electrical energy source
Canada blood disease spread by mosquitoes
Anthracite best form of coal
plutonium causes the greatest reduction in life span world wide
Mutagen source of almost all the earth's energy
Birds nuclear fuel
Tobacco most common moderator
Asphalt converts sunlight to electricity
pennsylvania just let the sun do its thing
Methane deadliest disease
sun don't stop viruses
none our favorite nuclear employee
Antibiotics toxicity factor you can do nothing about
Active produced in breeder reactors
Chernobyl current destination of nuclear waste
Moderator problem exemplified by DDT
Bhopal three mile island state
China Provides the highest net energy for high temperature industrial
Water world leader in coal consumption
Distillation leading country in renewable energy production
Petroleum main ingredient in natural gas
USA combined heat and power for example
Poverty resistance to break down
Lightbulb fuel source for a fuel cell car
Hydrogen the nuclear dream
ANWR the total amount of energy from a resource, minus the energy
Homer the best answer to short term energy problems
Genetics radiation for example
Physical slows down neutrons
Lethaldose lowest grade distillation product
Conservation worlds leading source of biomass in developing countries
wood separates oil
Carcinogen word leader in use of hydropower
decline chemicals like those found in tobacco
Persistence useful operating life of a nuclear power plant
Norway Alcohol is a common example of this type of toxic chemical
Coal number of nuclear plants built in the U.S. since 1978
Biomagnification bacteria and virus hazard
south leading cause of death in the U.S
CostaRica Bush's future home for oil wells
Malaria direction windows should face for passive heating
Photovoltaic biofuel additive for gas
Cogeneration problem with most heavy metals
forty worst industrial accident
Fusion what will happen to the availabilty of all fossil fuel reserves in the future
Nowhere what most energy is wasted as
Passive often killed by wind turbines
Biological when 50% of a population dies from a toxin

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