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Environmental science

Darren Malthouse

Revision Exercise

Environmentalresistance A particular type of organism, where two individuals interbreed to produce offspring
Population The particular place where a community of organisms is found
Migration The connection between predator and prey populations
Biome Factors whose effects on a population are relatively greater at higher population densities than at lowere population densities
Biotic Factors that slow down the growth rate of species
Scurve All of the different populations of organisms that live together
Community Something that live in or on something else and causes harm
Niche Doesn't live long but reproduces a lot
Abiotic Movement of a specieas from one ecosystem to another
Species An ecosystem covering a broad area which has distinctive climatic and soil conditions
Interspecificcompetition The maximum number of organisms an area can support sustainably
Biosphere All the members of a single species living in a particular area at the same time
Intraspecificcompetition A factor whose effect on a population is the same whatever the population (usually Abiotic)
Jcurve The part of the earth where life can exist
Carryingcapacity Caused by living organisms
Predatorpreyrelationships A description of the precise way in which an organism fits into its environment.
Habitat Lives long and isn't predated
Parasite Non living components of the environment
Densitydependentfactors Competition between members of the same species
Densityindependentfactors Competition between different species

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