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Agents of Erosion and Deposition

Mrs. Weimer

No description

landslide rapid downslide of earth material
longshore current the rhythmic movement that carries energy through space or matter
alpine rapid movement of a large amount of mud/rock and soil mixed with a large amount of water
beach large piece of ice that breaks off an ice shelf and drifts into the ocean
creep the movement of water near and parallel to the shoreline
rock fall another coastal formation caused by wave erosion
sea stacks large crack that forms where a glacier picks up speed and
deflation the boundary between land and a body of water
saltation te lifting and removal of fine sediment by wind
dune the highest point of a wave
wave when waves break and when they enter shallow water they become this
mass movement all material carried and deposited by glaciers
continental unsorted rock material deposited directly by glacial ice when it melts
abrasion the grinding and wearing away of rock surfaces
stratified drift a mound of wind deposited sand
loess geological formation on the Bill Nye movie
trough the movement of any material downslope
hoodoo a group of loose rocks that fall down a steep slope
surf landslides that occur in mountainous areas with thick accumulations of snow
avalanches the extremely slow movement of material downslope
landslide one of the coastal formations caused by wave erosion
glacial drift rock material sorted and deposited in layers by ice
crest sudden and rapid movement of a large amount of material downslope
iceberg the other type of glacier (they smooth the landscape)
shoreline enormous mass of moving ice (titanic)
till an area of the shoreline made up of material deposited by waves
mudflow lowest point of a wave
sea cliffs one of the two types of glaciers
crevasse thick deposits of windblown fine grained sediments
glacier the movement of sand sized particles movign with the direction of the wind

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