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PDO warm phase of ENSO in Pacific Ocean in which surface-water temperature becomes unusually warm
conduction krill eat a small amount of DDT; small fish eat many krill increasing the DDT in the small fish; DDT is greatest at the level of a bird eating a large fish
selective cutting cutting down only mature or dying trees
prevailing winds water that is drinkable
infrastructure area of open land often used for farming
aquaculture land that can be farmed
mesosphere layer of the thermosphere where ions can emit photons of light known as aurora borealis or australias
bedrock when atoms fuse together
biomagnification movement of warmth by wind
Chernobyl long-term Pacific Ocean change in warm and cold water masses; occurs 20-30 years
desertification winds that blow predominantly in one direction
compost distance north and south of equator; seasons and daylight change further from the equator
stratosphere accumulation of salts in soil; problem in California
latitude this describes a crop that can be produced in a large amount with little negative impact on the environment
convection problem in Haiti due to too many trees being cut down than can be replaced
topsoil site of world's worst nuclear reactor accident in the Ukraine in 1986
permeability warming of the surface and lower atmosphere of Earth that occurs when carbon dioxide, water vapor, and other gases absorb UV rays
electric generator this group of people were hurt during the green revolution because they couldn't keep up with the new technology of farming
domesticated layer of solid rock
rural human activity or climate change make arid (dry) areas more desert-like; this happened to Lake Chad
nuclear fusion converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
rain shadow last true layer of the atmosphere where both ions and satellites are (distinguished in two recognized layers)
nuclear fission a multitude of people move into cities because more jobs are there
arable when rain occurs on one side of the mountain but not the other
subsistence farmers coldest layer of the ozone
green revolution area in which water travels downward to add to an aquifer
thermosphere virus or microorganism that causes disease
ionosphere mixture of decomposing organic matter used as a fertilizer and soil conditioner; guy on Bill Nye video had a toilet that collected this
salinization scenic or recreational space that is left in its natural condition
pathogens transfer of heat energy to an object
open space how many spaces soil has
urbanization layer of soil with organic matter, living organisms, and rock particles
greenbelt the basic facilities of a country or region, such as roads, bridges, sewers, and hospitals
contour plowing area in city where temperature is higher than in surrounding rural areas
el nino planting crops with the flow of the shape of the land; helps prevent erosion
heat island oil, petroleum, coal; nonrenewable resources
drip irrigation period that started in the 1970's: greater crop variety, more technology, and more chemicals, such as fertilizers
greenhouse effect raising aquatic organisms for human use or consumption
efficient there are about 50 species of animals that have been raised for human use or consumption
recharge zone when atoms split; atomic bomb utilized this
potable saves on 80% of water lost in normal spray irrigation
porosity land within urban areas that is set aside for scenic and recreational enjoyment, such as City Park or Town Point Park
fossil fuels how much water flows through soil
deforestation location of good ozone

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