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The flow of fresh water

Mrs. Weimer

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Mississippi an area along a river formed from sediments deposited by rivers
artesian spring the removal and transport of material by wind, water, or ice
point-source pollution smaller stream or river that flows into a larger one
ground water the land drained by a river system, which includes the main river and all its tributaries
rapids a rock layer that stores and allows the flow of ground water
nonpoint-source pollution the materials carried in a stream's water
alluvial fan continuous movement of water
divide pollution that comes from many sources
deposition the path a stream flows
channel a factory that cleans waste materials out of water that comes from sewers and drains
recharge zone amount of open space between individual rock particles
permeability an underground boundary where the zone of aeration and saturation meet
delta rocka nd soil deposited in streams
alluvium a spring that forms where cracks occur naturally in the cap rock and the water flows through
erosion the feature that is common in youthful river channels
drainage basin water that is located within rocks below the earth's surface
tributary an area of higher ground that separates drainage basins
porosity large, underground tank that collects and cleans waste water from a household
sewage treatment plant fan shaped deposits of alluvium that form on dry land
septic tank a fan shaped deposits of alluvium at the mouth of a stream
flood plain a rock's ability to let water pass through it
aquifer the process by which material is dropped or settles
water cycle the ground surface where water enters an aquifer
load pollution that comes from one particular source area
water table he largest drainage basin in the United States

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