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Geological Time Scale

K. Morris

Review of the Geological Time Scale

radioactive dating subdivisions of time in earth's history
Quaternary sediments that show one year
index fossil weathered rock particles
fossil law that states younger rocks are found on top of older rocks
era breakdown of a radioactive element
Superposition trilobites important fossils in this era
decay the period when mammals first appear
Cretaceous fossils of organisms that lived during a short period of time
Cenezoic method of determining the age of a fossil
Triassic period when the ice age begins and ends
Tertiary era divided into two great periods
Jurassic the period known as the age of the dinosaurs
evolution time periods in Earth's history broken into four segments
period era known as the dawn of life
adaptation era known as the period of many changes
Paleozoic mutation that occurs that helps a species to survive
varve change over time
Precambrian the first period in the era known as the age of mammals
sediment wide spread flooding and mass extinctions occur
Mesozoic evidence of once living things

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