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Science Puzzle Unit 4


Unit 4 vocabulary

evaporate a rock formed from another rock under heat and pressure
fracture Compound of iron and sulfur
face they float on the mantle and cary continents and ocean floor
cleavage this is crude oil
granite a sedimentary rock formed from pieces of clay settling to the bottom of a body of water
crystal A naturally formed geometric shape containing "sides" or "faces"
scratch a rock formed from the remains of living things ... calcite sediment forms this rock
elements one of the things needed to make metamorphic rock
crustal plates Chemical combinatgions of two or more elements
coal water leaving the surface and entering the atmosphere (air)
pyrite rocks formed by materal that settles to the bottom of bodies of water
silicon can cary rocks long distances
halite one of the minerals found in granite
layers A solid natural substance that does not come from anyuthing living
porous forms cube-shaped crystals
igneous This compound contains useful amounts of metals
oxygen The tendency of a mineral to split along straight surfaces, or planes
basalt The most plentiful element in our world
magma a rock formed by pieces of sand settling to the bottom of a body of water
streak makes up part of the continental crust and the ocean floors, contains augite and olivine
rock cycle melted rock found beneath the earth's surface
shale The second most plentiful element in our world
heat rocks formed one of two ways, from molten magma or from red-hot lava
metamorphic formed like gabbro and made up of quarts, mica, and feldspar
petroleum rock that has tiny holes or pores that liquids can pass through
sandstone another name for a "side" of a crystal
pumice the name given to the way rocks are changing from one to another
glassy The hardness of a mineral is found by doing this test
sedimentary A mineral that is difficult to scratch with a file and cannot e scratched with a steel knife
limestone a volcanic rock that floats on water
feldspar known as volcanic glass
obsidian over the winter __________ expands and breaks apart rocks
ores some rocks, like sedsedimentary rocks, form with lines called _________.
water a rock that is formed from the remains of living things ... from ancient plants
mica Made up of only one kind of atom
minerals refers to breaking without cleavage
compounds one of the minerals found in granite
properties one of the terms used to describe "luster"
ice color a mineral leaves when the mineral is rubbed on a white plate
quartz Also known as "characteristics"

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