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Glacial and Arid Landscapes

Ashley Cooper

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Ground moraine a thick ice mass that forms over hundreds or thousands of years
Zone of accumulation the most noticeable result of deflation in some places is shallow depressions called _____
Glacial erratics streamlines asymmetrical hills composed of till
Steppe These enourmous masses flow out in all directions from one or more centers and completly obscure all but the highest areas of underlying terrain
Aretes second major erosional process
Blowouts a way the wind erodes; the lifting and removal of loose material
Lateral moraines gently rolling layer of till deposited as the ice front recedes
Rock flour sharp, pyramid-like peaks
Glaciar are formed when two advancing valley glaciers come together to form a single ice stream
Abrasion deep, often spectacular, steep-sideded inlets of the sea that exist in man;y hihg-latitude areas of the world where mountians are adjacent ot the ocean
Ice shelves Covering some uplands and plateaus are masses of glacial ice
Deflation first major erosional process
Desert The glacier widens, deepens, and straghtens the valley, so that what was once a narrow v shaped vally is transformed into a u shaped _____
Glacial Drift the pulverized rock produced by the glacial " grist mill" is appropriately called _____
Desert pavement sinuous, sharp-edged ridges
Ice sheets steep-sided hills, like eskers, are composed largly of stratified drift
Plucking after the ice has receded, the valleys of tributary glaciers are left standing above the main glacial trough and are termed _____
Eskers stony veneer; may form as deflation lowers the surface by removing sand and silt from poorly sorted materials
Ephemeral streams all embracing term for sediemnts of glacial origin, now matter how, where or in what form they were deposited
Horns are deposits made by steams flowing in tunnels beneath the ice, near the terminus of a glacier
End moraine snow accumulation and ice formation occur in the
Glacial Trough when the ice at the bottom of a glacier contains large rock fragments, long scratches and grooves called ____ may be gouged into the bedrock
Kames Along the portion of the Antarctic coast, glacial ice flows into the adjacent ocean, creating features called _____
Glacial striations Boulders foun in the till or lying free on the surface are called _____
Hanging valleys when glaciers waste away, these materials are left as ridges
Kettles they carry water only in response to specific episodes of rainfall
Valley glaciers also known as alpine glaciers
Ice caps a ridge of till that forms at the terminus of a glacier
Medial moraines often, end moraines, outwash plains, and vally trains are pocketmarked with basins or depressions known as _____
Drumlins also known as arid
Fiords also known as semi-arid

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