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by L. D. Marshall

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magma When lava cools so quickly that no crystal structure develops.
texture Igneous rocks that have a high silicate content
obsidian Heated obsidian, used in gardening
felsic The Latin word for "fire"
coarse grained A black glassy igneous rock used by ancients to make sharp tools.
perlite One use for granite, these are made from granite.
lava Igneous rocks high in iron
pumice What we call igneous rocks formed from cooling lava.
cobblestones A mixture of minerals and possibly other materials
rhyolite Melted rock found above the earth's crust
intrusive Type of texture that extrusive rocks have.
glassy The most abundant intrusive rock on earth.
mafic Melted rock found beneath the ground
extrusive One of three ways to classify igneous rocks
origin One of three ways to classify igneous rocks
rock Type of textrue found in granite.
fine grained One of three ways to classify igneous rocks
ignis A mafic rock produced when lava erupts on the ocean floor.
basalt What we call igneous rocks formed from cooling magma.
composition A low density extusive rock used as an abrasive
granite A fine grained extrusive rock with a mineral composition similar to granite.

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