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Landforms Crossword

Srah Schmitt

This crossword will help you learn the definitions of some key terms from chapter 3 in your text book.

OXIDAITON Steep sided cinder cone.
STALAGMITES Deep surface depression.
OXBOW LAKE Bowing of the earth's surface.
FAULT ESCARPMENT Seismic seawaves genarated by an earthquake.
TSUNAMI Formation of a stalactite and stalagmite that join to one structure.
FAULTS An arch of stratified rock; bend opposite from crest.
KARST Mechanical processes that fragment and decompse rock materials.
JOINT Rock layers that buckle under pressure.
ALLUVIAL FAM Sharp ridges that seperate adjecent glacially carved valleys.
TARNS A trianglular-shaped deposit of mud.
SHIELD VOLCANO Result of precesses that loosen, dissolve, and remove earth.
ARETES Gently sloping area in front of glacier.
RILL deposit of calcium carbonate that builds upwards from cave floors.
GULLEY Small lakes in the hollowed-out depressions.
WASHES A cresent shaped lake in a meander of a river.
PERMAFROST Underground porous and permeable rock holding ground water.
MASS WASTING Steep-sided, flat-bottomed gully.
FOLDING Permanently frozen subsoil.
SINKHOLE Lakes formed by glacial melt.
FLOOD PLAIN The chemical change that occurs in chemical weathering.
AQUIFER Separation away from the fault.
ARROYOS A trough of stratified rock; downarched
SOIL Gently sloping; eruption without an explosion.
WARPING An embankment on the sides of a meandering river.
ANTICLINE Fan-shaped accumulation of alluvium.
WEATHERING When oxygen combines with mineral components.
WATER TABLE Breaks in rock produced by plates moving.
RIFT VALLEY A dry, braided channel in the desert.
SYNCLINE The down slope movement of earth material due to gravity.
CARBONATION Result of hearvy rain and poor farming techniques.
OUTWASH PLAIN Vibrations within the Earth set off by earthquakes.
CIRQUE The action of the acid in chemical weathering.
STRATO VLOCANO Steep slope formed by vertical movement of Earth.
HYDROLYSIS Mixture of loose material found at the earth's surface.
SEISMIC WAVES Small conical hills of sediment.
PILIAR Fractures tha tare cracks.
DELTA Upper limit of the saturated zone.
EROSION Deposits of calcium carbonate hanging from cave roofs.
NATURAL LEVEE A valley area bordering a stream that is subject to flooding.
STALACTITES Channel made by small stream.

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