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Unit Two - The Lithosphere

Mrs. T.

This crossword puzzle covers concepts from Chapters 4 and 7.

frostshattering This type of weathering includes erosion caused by the friction of running water, flowing ice or wind energy.
masswasting Form of mechanical weathering common in Canada.
pingo This type of fault has caused countless earthquakes in Turkey.
turkey This time scale relates to the lives of people - in hours, days and years.
seismograph The laying down of weathered material.
mechanical This form of mass wasting is common in Northern Canada where permafrost occurs. The upper layer of soil that thaws in summer graduallyflows downward.
asthenosphere Here, heat from friction, pressure, and radioacgtive decay make the granite upper mantle act just like plasticine.
angleofrepose This type of weathering is not common in polar areas. It is more common in the tropics.
erosion This causes the Nazca plate to travel under the South American Plate.
human According to Wilson, the continents travel on these.
baselevel This occurs when ice expands in the cracks of rocks.
deposition This scale is the most popular type used to measure earthquakes.
fossils In 1999, an earthquake caused extreme devastation and killed thousands of people here.
strikeslip Mass wasting of snow.
richter This measures the intensity of earthquakes.
solifluction These confirm the validity of the Theory of Continental Drift.
subductionfault He proposed the Theory of Continental Drift.
geological Point to which all surfaces erode, assuming tectonic stability does not interfere with gradational processes.
gradation This type of expansion is analogous to what happens when an ice cube cracks in water. This happens to rocks in desert regions.
Bacon A scale that measures time in terms of millenia.
chemical A curious hill found in northern areas that results from frost action.
plates Gradational process that results from weathered material sliding down a slope because of the force of gravity.
thermal Processes of this include weathering, transport and deposition.
Wegener Highest angle that a slope can sustain without mass wasting occuring.
exfoliation This occurs when both weathering and transport take place.
avalanche In 1620, he observed that the continents seem to fit together in one giant jigsaw puzzle.

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