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Earth Science 8

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Pikes Peak group of mountain ranges and systems
Eruasian Melanesian a group of mountains
Everest highest mountain in Africa
Circum Pacific a group of mountain ranges in one area
Rainier highest mountain in the world
Vesuvius recent active volcano in the US
St Helens mountain belt that runs across northern Africa, Southern Europe
mountains highest mountain in California
Elbert natural landforms that reach high elevations
Whitney the mountain belt that goes through the Pacific Ocean
Mitchell probably the most famous mountain in the Rockies
magma highest mountain in Washington
mountain system highest mountain in the Appalachians
Mont Blanc one of the possible sources of mountains
Kilimanjaro one possible explanation for the formation of mountains
mountain belt highest mountain of the Rockies
mountain range highest mountain in the Alps
folding second highest mountain in the world
K2 only active volcano on the mainland of Europe

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