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Nature Fury I

Claudette Carson

This puzzel will test the students' word knowledge.

severe the flash of light in the sky when electricity passes between clouds or between a cloud and the ground
jagged rotating columns of air accompanied by whirling funnel-shaped downspouts
collide shook or vibrated
devastation destruction or ruin
susceptible a trembling or shaking of the ground caused by movements far below the earth's surface
upheaval moving in waves or with a smooth, wavy motion
undulating flat, open grasslands
lightning to swirl in a circular motion
earthquake to bump into another mass with force
prairies the remains of something broken or destroyed
jolt serious or extreme in nature
rotate tornado cloud that is wide at the top and narrow where it touches the ground
debris crackling with intense heat
sizzling a lifting or upward movement of the earth's crust
shuddered having a sharp, pointed edge or outline
impact the striking of one body against another
tornadoes a break in a rock mass caused by a shifting of the earth's crust
funnel clound easily affected
fault a sudden jerk or bump

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