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Ocean In Trouble

Tam Chi Wing

Ocean is in trouble! Let's find out the problems and the reasons!

marine environment The natural environment for organisms
destructive methods Application which has been improved in fishing
habitat Tools commonly used in fishing
technology Wealth
depletion Activity which drill for natural resources such as oil and minerals
living standard Animals raised on a farm or ranch
foreign exchange Worthless, unwanted material that is rejected
pollution The introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment
waste water Using this kind of chemical could accumulate in the food chain and affect man's helath
oil tanker Fishing Method that stir up the bottom sediments and unwanted sea animals will be caught
organic matters The production of crops, livestock, or poultry
demand Substance which would be found in waste water
unwanted The natural habitat of clownfishs
explosives A large ship for transporting oil
overfishing Substance used to fertilize the soil
cyanide Needs
extinction An example of rubbish, made of plastic
food chain Substance which cause explosion and will damage the coral reefs and kill many organisms
bottom sediments Tools commonly used in fishing
coral reefs Surroundings in ocean
heavy metals Substance which cause pollution such as lead, sodium, copper
sludge A kind of pollutants which bacteria would be found
sewage Which means decrease seriously
population A kind of chemical which is explosive and toxic
households Industrial management
shipping A kind of pollutants which means crude petroleum
reclamation Catching fish at the rate faster than they reproduce, which cause depletion of fish stock
drilling Substances produced by or used in a chemical process
soil Amout of people in a place
livestock The sailing of vessel
electricity Mud in the sea bed
bacteria Substances found in the sewage
nets This could kill many marine organisms but common in households
fertilizer One of the reasons causing ocean in trouble
plastic bags The act or process of reclaiming
oil Same meaning of "non-targeted"
marine organisms The waste matter
toxic Which means poisonous
boats Being extinct
industries A domestic unit
agricultures Stirred up by using bottom trawling and will block the gills of fish and the sunlight. Also it contains toxic heavy metals
rubbish Substance which could find excess fertilizers and heavy metals
chemicals Which are under the threat of extinction
phosphorous A level of subsistence and comfort in everyday life enjoyed
bottom trawling The chain from a food source to the ultimate consumer

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